This social media manager at 94 with no experience would say yes.

It’s interesting the emphasis on business today on becoming more social. This has led to many to many new roles within business today as “Social Media Managers”. However, it’s hard to pin point how good you have to be to be a SMM.

Some roles I’ve seen have required three years of experience! Some require content creation experience, others requiring
advertising skills (not quite a SMM). They might require you have worked across multiple social networks and have worked with big brand names. Some require advance analytics skills.

I loved when I saw this 94-year-old distort this narrative

Dapne the 94 year old 5 day week took over the social media account for a day (with training). Watch the video below.

This helps to sets out example of what a social media manager is supposed to do.

She had two clear goals

  1. Attract volunteers
  2. Attract customers

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see in the industry and this 94-year-old knew them straight away. Having a clears goals helps to guide content, messaging, and ultimately the outcomes (or ROI).

She knows how to engage her audience

Another massive mistake I see is not engaging the audience you have, or not having content which meets there expectations. She talks to people engaging on the page, she answers questions, she keeps it light hearted.

But hey this is part of broader campaign!

Her appointment to social media manager was because of her age and because it was to mark “The International Day Of Older Persons” and that purposely cheated the social game. But hey that’s part of the social game. You
have to think of things out of the box and this in marketing and communications in general.

A lot of people in companies can do a social media role primarily from their phone. It doesn’t always have to be all bells and whistles. When it comes to social media there should two aims.

  1. What are my goals?
  2. How can I engage my audience?

Don’t complicate your social media strategy

In business you want all of your staff and customers for that matter to understand your social media strategy so they can engage in it. You should be able to explain a social media strategy in a couple of sentences.